From the earliest moments of his Presidency, with more that 150 artists, writers, and poets invited to his inauguration, JFK signaled that the arts would hold a central place in the public life of his administration.  Over the next three years, White House events and receptions hosted by President and Mrs. Kennedy celebrated and showcased the highest in American cultural achievement.

KN-C21660 Dinner in honor of the Minister of  State for Cultural Affairs of France,  Andre Malraux.

One of the largest dinners hosted by the Kennedys was  the one honoring Andre Malraux, French Minister of Culture.  The Kennedys had met Andre Malraux for the first time during the President's state visit to Paris in spring 1961.

Artifacts and documents on display in this gallery feature the seating charts, invitations, program and the outfit worn by Mrs. Kennedy to the White House dinner or state visit events.