The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation is governed by Officers and a Board of Directors comprised of business, education and cultural leaders. The Officers and Board of Directors are responsible for managing the affairs of the Foundation and hold scheduled meetings at least three times a year. Members of the Board of Directors are assigned to committees that oversee specific areas of focus, departments or programs.

Caroline Kennedy - Honorary President
Kenneth R. Feinberg - Chairman
William H. Swanson - Vice Chairperson
Margaret H. Child - Vice Chairperson
David C. Weinstein - Secretary
Kevin J. Maroni - Treasurer

James T. Brett
Ivy Brown
Stephen Canter
Margot C. Connell
Ranny Cooper
Richard Donahue Jr.
Anne M. Finucane
Fereydoun Firouz
Peter R. Fisher
Adam Frankel
Carol Fulp
David Gasson
Christopher E. Goode
Dr. Reverend Ray Hammond
Ted Hoff
Thomas J. Hynes
Patricia Jacobs
Jackie Jenkins-Scott
Blake Jordan
Jeannie Kedas
James F. Kelleher
Matthew Kennedy
Joanna T. Lau
William F. Lee
Laurie Leshin
Jack Manning
Vinay Mehra
Conan O’Brien
Shari E. Redstone
Mary L. Reed
Robert E. Riley
Thomas E. Samoluk
Ronald L. Sargent
Edwin A. Schlossberg
Tatiana Schlossberg
Gerald Schuster
Phyllis Segal
Stephen E. Smith, Jr.
Micho F. Spring
Kaiyun "Bill" Wang
Linda Zecher